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Inside the mind of a poker player

Poker is just one of the great selection of online casino games on Betfair, but the everlasting appeal of the game is a testament to its worth as a game of skill. Whether it’s at a small table with your friends, a big one in a casino or online with a monitor to hide your expressions, there’s a definite skill to playing Poker. But what makes the difference between the amateurs and the professionals?
The answer is in how you play the hand you have and how you express yourself at the table. The professional players will keep their face emotionless and inscrutable no matter what cards they get dealt and exude an air of confidence that they’re going to win the hand.

Amateur players will have a tell that lets a pro know what they have, maybe a twitch at the corner of their mouth, that gives them away. But how do you tell if someone’s a pro by how they play? It’s all in the thought processes, a professional player won’t just go all in because they have a good hand, and they’ll consider what their opponent has and play accordingly.

If they start raising when a certain card comes out, they won’t just assume they suddenly had a set, they’ll consider how they’ve played so far and work out if they’re bluffing or have potentially misread the situation and don’t know what the pro has.

We’ve put together this little animation to help explain the thought processes from amateur to pro.

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