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High Stakes Poker Welcomes Jason Mercier

Jason Mercier
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It's always nice when a new face makes it into the exclusive circle of pros who play high stakes poker, so it was a real treat when they announced that Jason Mercier would join the third episode of GSN's High Stakes Poker. With his get up and his playing style, he managed to pique the curiosity of not the fans, but his fellow players as well.

First Impressions

With the last two episodes causing two players, Phil Hellmuth and Andreas Hoivold specifically, to lose all the money they were wagering with, everyone was waiting to see the same thing happen for the third time in a row.

When episode three started out, Hoivold's seat was still conspicuously empty. But then, Jason Mercier soon came to fill the empty seat, earning a comment from Gabe Kaplan about looking more like a swimmer than a poker player. Everyone's focus shifted to him when he had pocket deuces and raised to $5,500. Ever the aggressive player, Dwan immediately reraised, throwing $19,200 into the pot with his moderately risky A– 3. This caused Mercier to fold, shifting the pot onto Dwan. At the conclusion of this hand, the players began to wonder what Mercier's hand was. Eli Elezra, ever the avid gambler, laid 3:1 odds that Mercier had a better hand than Dwan. Antonio Esfandiari, along with many others, took him up on his bet. Much to Mercier's chagrin, though, Elezra was right on the money with his predication and he had to admit that he, with his pocket deuces, mucked the hand.

The Regulars

The game went on as usual for the regulars of High Stakes Poker, though, and big pots quickly went to the big pros. Phil Ivey, for one, managed to scoop a pot worth $54,000 from Gus Hansen. Hansen obviously wasn't having the best of runs, as he later clashed with Elezra and failed a triple barrel bluff, losing the $209,800 pot. He left the table after that incident and did not return. Later, he told Kara Scott that in the beginning his play was good, but it took a turn for the worse when the board came up horrible for him. Then, Negreanu took the spotlight, clashing with both Dwan and Ivey. As the play commenced, Ivey was eventually forced into folding and, with the result of the board, Ivey and Dwan had to split the $212,200 pot, the biggest one of the night.

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