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Great news for one Poker Player from Ramona, CA


A woman from Ramona, California has found herself in quite an exciting position. Andrea McNew had her first tournament win on April 2nd and it was a big one. She won herself a $10,000 seat in none other than the WSOP in the Pala Casino Spa and Resort's Second WSOP Qualifier. It isn't very often at all that a person wins such an amazing opportunity on their very first tournament win. This undoubtedly made quite a whirlwind in her head as she realized what had just happened. This is quite a win for anyone, then alone someone that has never even won a tournament before. McNew has found herself in quite an exciting position as she readies herself for her seat.

Who is Andrea McNew

McNew is an engineering project manager who currently resides in California. She has only been playing competitive poker for about one year. She has said that she has competed in a number of other tournaments. She also said it felt really good for her to get that first win, especially to find she would be the winner of a seat in the WSOP. McNew bested 60 other poker players when she went all-in with a hand consisting of an Ace King. She defeated Ricardo Onate at the final table and found herself winning that seat at the WSOP.

What's next for Andrea McNew?

Now McNew has found herself in the exciting position of going up against the best of the best in the poker world. With just one year of tournament experience under her belt, she has found herself in new waters. By winning the qualifier she has already proven that she definitely has some skills, but will they be enough to go up against the competition she is about to face? No one yet knows how this is going to turn out, but it should be very exciting. One thing is for sure, McNew must be very excited herself. This is one new poker player for everyone to make sure that they keep their eye on and see just how far she can go.

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