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FullTilt gets Political

FullTilt Poker

FullTilt Poker has decided to make a solid stand and it has many of its loyal players behind it. FullTilt is one of the most popular online poker sites and it has the respect of many online poker players. This is why it is a good thing that the well known online poker site sent out an email to its players which asked them to check out a new section of their website which asks the players to make contact with their representatives.

How can players contact their representatives?

Players are informed by the site that they will be able to use such methods as telephone calls, e-mails, and twitter to contact the representatives. Players are urged to use these methods in order to contact the representatives regarding H.R. 2267 and to show their support. H.R.2267 could lead to the legalization and regulation of online gambling, a cause which FullTilt has an obvious interest in. This bill was first introduced last year by the Congressman of Massachusetts, Barney Frank.

What does FullTilt Expect to get out of this?

Since FullTilt is the second most visited online poker site on the Internet, it expects to have many of its players showing support for this bill which would make it legal for many online poker players to enjoy online poker who currently have obstacles in front of them when it comes to playing. Anyone interested in online poker should think about joining in and getting in contact with their state representative regarding this bill. It would make it much easier for online players to be able to enjoy playing online poker no matter where they reside. It would even make it easier for them to deposit funds and it would also help with the regulation of the online poker sites.

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