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Five Poker Books to Fix Your Game

Five Poker Books to Fix Your Game
"Paf Poker Challenge" (CC BY 2.0) by Play Among Friends

Books haven't been in vogue for a few hundred years now but with the advent of YouTube, wikis, websites, and the internet in general, textbooks are increasingly the last place people look to learn new skills. However, let's not forget that some of the greatest poker players have both learnt from and written books of their own.

Here are five books to help you develop a winning strategy at the poker table.

1. Moorman's Book of Poker by Chris Moorman.
Chris Moorman is self-described as the most accomplished online poker player in the world - and he's not kidding; the 888poker Ambassador has cashed more than $13m in online winnings. His book is not for beginners, and it's more about establishing the mind-set of a winner than an instruction manual, but it's worth the ticket price just to get an insight into a player of Moorman's pedigree.

2. Doyle Brunson's Super System by Doyle Brunson
Time hasn't been kind to all the strategies in Brunson's book but the lessons on seven card stud and no limit hold 'em are invaluable for players looking to hone their skills at the table. Again, it's not a beginner's bible, and advocates for a very aggressive style of play, but it remains one of the most important pieces of poker literature ever committed to print. The celebrity of the writers is also quite impressive, with Bobby Baldwin, David Reese, and poker strategist, David Sklanski, all making an appearance.

Five Poker Books to Fix Your Game
"L O V E" (CC BY 2.0) by greytendo

3. Small Stakes Hold 'Em by Ed Miller
If you're looking to emulate your poker heroes but don't have a clue about the game, you can do worse that start with an Ed Miller book. The author started from nothing and became a professional in less than 18 months so the Texan is perhaps the authority on bootstrapping a poker career. It can lay a little heavy on the maths due to the influence of co-author Sklansky but there's no better introduction to playing hold 'em.

4. The Mental Game of Poker by Jared Tendler
A bit of a niche entry on this list but a valuable addition to any poker player's bookshelf, the Mental Game of Poker discusses exactly that - how to train your brain to excel at poker. Cited as a cure for tilt by several World Series of Poker bracelet winners, this book discusses aspects of the game like confidence and motivation, as well as negative traits such as risk aversion and anger. The book is unique in that it has applications beyond poker - it was written by a golf coach - and that it uses writing exercises to increase retention of its lessons.

5. Elements of Poker by Tommy Angelo
Another book about thinking your way to the World Series of Poker, Elements of Poker by Tommy Angelo is a unique, entertaining piece of literature that will help you separate your A-game from your C-game. The chapter on reciprocality (the "cause of profit") is a highlight but with input on position, folding, and even breathing and meditation, Tommy's book is essential reading for everybody on the poker circuit. Of course, if you haven't already, you should start out with the basics, such as the proper selection of poker hands. It'll help you on your way to becoming a more confident (and competent) player.

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