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Everyone wants a Piece of WSOP Action


Each day more news is coming out about land based casinos and online casinos and poker sites offering their players a chance to go to the WSOP. These casinos see the WSOP as the perfect opportunity to get their players excited and offer them something spectacular in exchange for players taking part in a promotion the casino is running. Once players hear about a promotion offering a WSOP package their ears perk up and they become very excited. To many poker players this would be a dream come true and a promotion offering such a prize is one they have to get in on. A lot of the online poker sites are taking advantage of the WSOP and their players love every single minute of it.

One more Casino gets in on the WSOP action

Now, on top of all of the online casinos and online poker sites offering that WSOP package, the Foxwoods Casino is also offering their patrons to get in on that WSOP package. This is just the news to bring smiles to the faces of their poker players. Players love the idea that they could find themselves becoming the lucky winner of a seat at the WSOP and this provides many of their poker players with a once in a lifetime chance.

What is Foxwoods Doing for their Poker Players?

Foxwoods will be offering two Super Satellites which will be for $1.00 on both June 12th and June 26th at 6:00 pm. One in ten lucky poker players will get a $10,000 prize which just happens to be the amount of a seat in the WSOP. There are also going to be pre satellite tournaments for $250. These will be at 1:00 pm each Saturday beginning June 6th. This is a great opportunity for any poker player looking for a chance to show that they have what it takes. With so many online poker sites and online casinos offering so many chances to poker players, there are bound to be some very excited players in the up and coming days.

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