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Debate Over Men Entering Ladies Event

WSOP Ladies Event

There seems to be a huge amount of controversy with regards to men entering the Ladies Event at the WSOP. This event is #22 and it is a $1,000 buy–in no limit Holdem poker event. Numerous men entered into this event at the WSOP and this brought on a lot of controversy at the WSOP and on the Internet at many of the online poker rooms. A lot of people are wondering why the men entered into the event. They are wondering if it was done to try to protect the rights of men and women, or if it was simply done in an attempt to try to win money in what could be thought to be an easier field.

Men have a right to enter

Men are allowed to enter the Ladies Event because of the sexual rights laws. These laws prevent the men from being barred from these types of events. However, the communications director of the WSOP released a statement regarding the consequences of the men entering into the ladies event. He stated that the WSOP will have repercussions in place and the men will pay the price. He also stated that they can't stop anyone from entering into one of the ladies tournaments and, "If they're scumbags, they're scumbags."

How can they be punished when they were allowed to enter?

The above statement makes one wonder how the male players can suffer repercussions when they were able to enter in the Ladies Event and play in the first place. It seems odd that there would be consequences in place for something the players were allowed to do. This has many people wondering how there could possibly be repercussions. Casinos are allowed to refuse service to any person at any time. It is being questioned as to why they didn't use this to their advantage and simply refuse service to the men who were trying to enter into the Ladies event. It should be interesting to see what the repercussions may be that the men will face for entering into the Ladies Event. This is definitely one story that will be worth following. The online poker rooms will be talking about this for awhile.

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