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China Rejects Online Poker Rooms

China Rejects Poker

poker industry has been steadily growing for these past years, so much so that the fan base now includes millions of people. Right now, it is most popular in the US and in Europe and is currently in the process of expanding to Asia. However, it seems as if they're encountering a bit of resistance in China.

Overwhelming Potential

Anybody who looks at China in a world map has to admit that it is a huge country. Furthermore, not only is it such a huge country, it also has a huge population. With 1.3 billion residents, China is easily the most populous country in the whole world, having a population that is equal to that of a continent. As such, its potential for being a profitable place for the online poker industry is huge. Even if you only get one fourth of the population to play poker, it would still be a very considerable achievement.
This financial opportunity was not easy for the poker industry to ignore, and it was even seen as the site of the next "poker boom". China's market was just so huge that it would have made an immense fortune if they only manage to build poker up in that area.

A Not so Warm Reception

However, though Asians in general are not exactly averse to the idea of gambling or poker, for that matter, the situation is not quite the same in China. Maybe the Chinese people would like it, but their government is certainly putting all its effort into making sure that these sites cannot infiltrate their country. They are taking a tough stand on the issue of gambling, even going so far as to conduct a major operation against all the new poker rooms and the banks that will facilitate money transfer between the concerned parties. They are not bashful at all about making their plan of action known, going so far as to give a stern warning to any poker room operators who are looking into the possibilities of establishing themselves in China. There is no doubt that if they want to ban these sites, then they can easily do so. They have already banned sites like Facebook and Youtube, and even Twitter. Capitalists who want to scrape a profit out of China will never be able to do so because the government is tight– fisted when it comes to their nation's capital and will go to any length to ensure that their capital does not leave the country.

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