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Charity Poker Scammers Set to Face Charges

Poker Scam

Few things in this world are more despicable than committing an immoral act and hiding it beneath a facade of goodness and nobility. So when it was revealed that a charity gambling casino in Fort Wayne, Indiana called Parnell Poker Palace has just been shut down because of such activities, the news garnered such an indignant uproar from the people, especially from the victims.

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

The Parnell Poker Palace has actually been under investigation for over a year now, but it is only recently that the Indiana Gaming Commission has gathered enough evidence to successfully charge the said establishment. The Parnell Poker Palace is now facing charges against unlawful charity gaming contracting, corrupt business influence, theft, and professional gambling. The charges were filed against the property owner, George Kotsopoulos, Edward R. Miers, his business partner and the three men who operate the "non–profit" organization, Ralph T. White, Larry L. York and Charles I. Keller.

The Story so Far

The Parnell Poker Palace has actually been registered as a nonprofit gambling operation since December 2008. It does not cater specifically to poker games but also hosts blackjack games, roulette, and dice games. They raise money for the White's School of the Arts Community Development Programs, a non–profit organization which offers 24–hour care, athletic, and education programs for the children in the city. Apparently, though, Parnell Poker Palace has not been giving all the funds to the right recipients, choosing to shove some of it in their pockets. Of the $100,000 that comes into this casino monthly, $20,000 was being pocketed by George Kostopoulos, a far cry from the $2,400 that he is supposed to be charging. The "volunteers" were also receiving under the table payments in exchange for their silence about the casino's illegal operations. $10 to 30 per hour was the price given to them just so they would keep their true earnings from the casino a secret.

However, even with all the precautions that the offenders took in order to keep themselves safe, the Indiana Gaming Commission was still able to get enough evidence to have them face multiple charges. Now, the casino's operations have been halted and the people are just waiting for a schedule for the trial. With hope, the court will rule in favor of the Gaming Commission and the Parnell Poker Palace will be brought to justice.

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