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California's Online Poker Bill is getting more Supporters


As California struggles to decide what to do about online poker and a bill in which has received some negative attention, some have come forward to show their support of the bill. The bill took a hard hit recently when the Morongo Tribe whom has been showing support toward online gambling decided to show opposition to the bill; a move which was not expected. However, others are stepping up in order to show their support of the bill. Legalizing online poker in the state of California would be a huge step toward other states following suit.

The Monterrey County Herald takes a Positive Stand

The popular and well respected newspaper, The Monterrey County Herald, has decided to show their support for the bill. The newspaper posted their support on their website. In the posting, a position of support was taken in which the paper stated it favors the legalization, taxation, and running of online poker networks within the state of California.
The posting clearly stated that the newspaper was indeed in favor of legalizing online poker in the state and also states that they have done the research needed in order to come to this decision.

More Details about Online Poker in California

The paper cited that almost two million Californians currently play online poker at popular poker sites such as PokerStars and others. The Herald also makes it a point to mention that this legislation would benefit residents in a number of ways. The state would be in a position to monitor the integrity of the poker games which would help make sure that players were not being cheated. The state would also be able to ensure players received accurate and fast payouts. The tax money is another benefit which would come from this legislation. It is expected that more groups will be coming forward in order to state their support of the bill. The legalization of online poker in California would serve as a huge hurdle and would undoubtedly cause other states to rethink their opposition to online poker for their residents.

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