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A Look at Jim Collopy

Jim Collopy
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College kids spend their summers a variety of ways. Some of them may decide to go out of town and visit family and friends. Others may take trips to beaches or other resorts. However, some college kids decide to do something a little different over their break. This is definitely the case with one young college student named Jim Collopy. Instead of visiting friends or soaking up the sunshine poolside, he will be visiting Las Vegas. While he is in Las Vegas he will be competing in a very prestigious poker tournament. At the young age of just21, Collopy will be one player that will have a lot of people watching how he does. This is one college student who has so far shown that he knows what it is that he wants to spend his summer doing. He will be competing in the WSOP Gold.

Who is Jim Collopy?

Raised in Washington, D.C. Collopy was first introduced to the exciting game of poker when he was just a freshman in high school. He learned to play the game from his brother. It didn't take long at all for Collopy to become a huge fan of the game and before he knew it, he was hooked. He then learned about online poker and all that it had to offer. Collopy began playing online poker with his good friend and the two of them began doing quite well at the online poker games.

Collopy took advantage of all of the poker competition he could in order to improve his skills and it seems to have worked. Collopy quickly climbed up the poker ladder and became known as one of the players to keep an eye on. He is now attending NYU and he is majoring in economics. He plays in the online poker rooms under the name of Mr_BigQueso and he has made quite a bit of money. This is one young poker player that fans will want to be sure they keep an eye on. He has talent and shows a lot of potential already.

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