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8 Year old wins 500,000 Playing Online Poker

8 Year old wins 500,000 Playing Online Poker

Rumors are flying around on the internet about an 8 year old who managed to win 500,000 playing in an online poker tournament. The 8 year old genius, Aashish Nanak, resides in India and has stirred up quite a bit of talk online. Considering the difficult time seasoned poker players have at earning such a win for themselves, it seems unbelievable that any 8 year old would be able to manage such a win, genius or not. It appears as though the 8 year old managed to get in the tournament by using his uncles account. Prior to this win, the 8 year old had managed to win smaller amounts which made it to a Paypal account which was set up for the child by his uncle.

Child is well versed in Computers

Aashish Nanak's mother has said that the child has a lot of experience with computers. In fact, he began using computers when he was only 3 years of age. His mother had a job cleaning at hotels and used the computer as a way to keep him entertained while she was working. She also says that he has always had a love for computers and even designed his own web pages when he was just four years of age. Apparently, the young child is just as good at playing poker as he is at navigating the Internet.

Can he keep it?

The site the win was on is said to have refused to payout the win to the child. Now the situation has made its way to a Delhi Court. The site refused to pay out the winnings due to the fact that the child had no legal right to be playing on the site in the first place. The lawyers whom are working for the family of Aashish Nanak have pointed out that there is nothing on the site which specifies an age requirement. It is speculated that this matter may very well end in a settlement due to the amount of negative publicity the online site may gain from it.

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