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Work from Home with Online Poker

Britain is making an attempt to catch up with the rest of Europe in terms of providing its employees with an opportunity to work from home. It is currently amongst the least flexible countries in the EU when it comes to allowing its workforce this opportunity. Tele-working as it is known, will also provide the opportunity for the staff to play online games like poker or casino during these hours.

In UK, only 20% of the employees are given the opportunity to tele-work as compared to Denmark and Germany which have twice the number of people working from home.

That however is likely to change in the near future, since many large organizations are putting together plans to ensure that many more of their employees are enticed to work from home. HSBC, Britain's largest bank, backed a program to remove 4000 of its staff based in London from the group's Canary Wharf building and get them instead working from home. The challenge is to empty around 50% of its headquarters in order earn by sub-letting the space to someone else. With the advances in technology, the members of staff are being provided the option to come in to the office or else work from home.

A survey conducted by a private employment law firm suggested that 91% of workers polled, mentioned they would love to work from home. That raises a few pertinent questions: Does working from home affect people's rate of work, and will it lead to the abuse of company time? Would people then use company time to go online and spend time surfing poker sites and other online gambling sites? Certainly, in the office one can block access to specific websites however that is not an option when the organization has members of staff that are home based.

While estimates show that home based workers are 20% more productive and that their absenteeism is down by 63%, it cannot be ignored that employees may utilize their company laptops and business hours to play online poker. Jobs that don't require constant involvement like business development and customer services will offer gaps which allow people to browse the internet for brief moments, or perhaps to even keep a game of online poker running in the background.

There are clear disadvantages in allowing people to work from home: the bonding that is gained at office premises disappears and some people may feel isolated from their organizations if they work continuously from home. This surely is another reason to believe that employees will look out for other forms of keeping busy during home office spells.

Online poker provides a further level of social interaction which may fill that gap. Chat rooms and interactive games provide players with the opportunity to mingle with people while having fun online. So while many would love to work from home, it seems that it cannot be ignored that their isolation that will only lead to increased search interactive games like online poker.

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