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Card games have always been popular owing to their universal appeal and poker is a popular card game. In a game of poker, players have a set of either fully or partially hidden cards, and bet into what is known as a central 'pot'. The winner of the accumulated bet amount is the player who has the best card combination, and goes on to win the central pot.

Depending on the set of rules that are being followed in a particular game of poker, one or more players is required to deposit an initial bet amount into the pot. This is to be completed before the dealing of cards begins. Thereafter, the cards are dealt to each player, face down, thereby marking the beginning of the poker game.

It is important to remember that poker is nothing but a game that rests solely on strategy; despite having a bad set of cards, a good poker player will be able to pull off the game and go on to win the pot! It is also important for players to have sharp observation powers so as to analyse each action of opponents. There may be players who believe in a fair game and others who thrive on their skills at deception; it is up to you to find out the difference between the two. Success also depends greatly on maintaining the famous 'poker face' , an expressionless visage that will make it next to impossible for opponents to guess what's going on in your mind! However, beware of bluffing habitually , it won't be long before your opponents notice this trend and make use of it.

Over-confidence can be disastrous in a game of poker , in case you see that the hand you have received is particularly bad, it is best to fold and give up rather than hope that waiting and watching might help. Pride or thoughts of 'what will opponents think if I am to quit like a coward?' are of no consequence here. If your intuition says quit, simply go ahead and do so!

You also need to be in the right frame of mind to make the best use of your discerning power and alcohol will not help with this. It is best to avoid being under the influence of any substance that will adversely affect your ability to think on your feet. In order to bet wisely, you need to be able to think straight and stay within your limits at all times.

Of course, with experience, it won't be long before you figure out your own secret formula to sure shot success at a game of poker!

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