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Who do you Learn playing Poker from?

So you want to improve your Poker Game. You play ok but you want to improve your game and win lots of money. Who do you learn from, what books do you read, and what do you do????

Yes, poker, which used to be a smokey back room kind of thing, has busted out to be a big big business. With the advent of TV and online poker everyone wants to play poker and be a poker pro. It makes me laugh playing online when you see someone's profile and they list themselves as a poker pro. Yes, that's why they're playing a freeroll or are in a very very low stakes tourney, putting everyone down at the table and saying the game is rigged.

The real Pros that everyone knows by name have hit pay dirt. Not only are they on TV now, but they represent different Poker rooms online, and get paid a lot of money to do this. Some of them have their own poker room. Texas Dolly comes to mind right away as Doyle has been around for so long and is recognized as the Godfather of poker, by his peers and everyone else.

Yes, the Pros have hit pay dirt, just like golf got really big when Tiger Woods came into the picture. Everyone wanted to be golf pro and watched the golf channel and bought every book on the market, and new clubs every week thinking it would improve their game.

Well folks, now everyone in poker has written a book or has a poker camp, etc. So who do you read, who has the best advise for you??? One of the surprising things to me is in a lot of these books there is only one little chapter concerning online poker playing. Yes, one little chapter. It usually kind of says, that you have to play a little different. A LITTLE different, well I think so... You don't see your opponent so you can't get a tell, if your good at that. Too many donks are playing today and call everything with nothing in their hand and river out, and it's just very very different than playing a live game.

Yes read these books and try and take the best from them that suits you. I think watching the game on TV is very very helpful as you can see what is mucked and what isn't. What they call and what they don't in a situation of possibly getting dumped out of the game. You can also see how the pros bet, as that's such a big part of the game, not what you have but how you bet. Remember most of the Pro's play cash games also. Cash games are a little different than playing tourneys.

I suppose a lot have favorite players. I would for sure read their books and absorb what their style is. And in closing I would suggest you try and get into some live games once in a while if you can. You'll see that you probably will do a little better in them seeing and feeling your opponent.

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