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What Not To Do in a Poker Game

Poker can be a fun-filled game with unlimited scope for entertainment besides making some quick money, only if you know exactly how to go about this game. The skills at a game of poker are almost always acquired over time spent playing the game, but there are a few aspects that one must watch out for in particular:

Learn to assess your hand. You need to be able to recognize a bad hand instantly and call it the quits immediately thereafter so as to ensure that you suffer minimum losses. It is usually foolhardy to think that the cards that you will get subsequently are definitely going to convert the hand into a winning deal. It is best to fold well in advance and never be afraid of doing so! Over-confidence is not a virtue; especially not so in a game of poker. When your gut instinct tells you that the hand of cards that has just been dealt to you is a sure loser, simply quit. Immense concentration often goes a long way in seeing you through a game of poker. Think with your head instead of the heart and focus entirely on the hand before considering further course of action.

Bluff in moderation. With some luck, in case the hand of cards dealt to you is one that you are confident of not losing with, the famous poker face is one that you must put on. However, if you use this as a trend, chances are that your opponents will figure this out sooner or later and react to it. Hence, while you bluff with confidence, also ensure that you do not overdo the bluffing bit so as to make it a discernible trend since being predictable almost always means the end of the road for you. Getting emotional in a game of poker is certainly calling for trouble, it is important that you have a firm grasp of your nerves at all times. No amount of advice and sharing of experiences by veteran players can ensure success at poker for you - only relentless practice can see you through when it comes to mastering the game of poker.

Keep your eyes and ears open to vital cues from opponents. They might forget to keep their poker face on and that might just be your chance to make most of the opportunity!

Know when to end the game, it is easy for one to feel tempted to continue with another game after a sweeping win, for greed has always been a rather strong emotion in the human mind since time immemorial! Know your limits and always strive to play within them; it is best to call it the quits when the going is good and come back recharged for another poker game on another day and possibly a better time!

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