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Understanding the color of Poker Chips

Poker chips may not look like them, but they certainly do represent money. To the lay man they may seem like plastic toy chips designed for kids but they really are worth millions once placed on the Poker Table. While they may look dazzling with their varied colors, they actually represent money on the poker table with each chip having a denoted value.

Poker chips are generally made of very complex "edge spot patterns" and illustrations making them difficult to duplicate. The actual process of making these chips is a very closely guarded trade secret which ensures the safety of the casino.

The most commonly used colors for poker chips in the U.S. are white, red, pink, green blue, purple and black and every color represents a certain denomination. For example: Purple stands for $500, the highest denomination in the world of casinos. Some casinos in Vegas however do allow larger denominations of $100 represented by yellow or orange colored chips. With the popularity of the game increasing by the day and stakes getting bigger, certain casinos allow denominations like $5,000 up to $25,000. The colors for these chips may however be varied from time to time.

Poker chips during the 60s and 70s were made of clay. It was only later that the revolutionary chips as we see them today were introduced. Today poker chips are made of durable materials to increase their life span and they come in a variety of colors.

Here's how to buy:
  1. Decide the kind of material you want to buy 1st
    If you are not so keen on quality at par with most casinos, it is best that you get the lightweight plastics in. They are usually available at the local "big box store." The good thing about these kinds of chips is that they are both cheap and durable.
  2. Contemplate the design
    Poker chip designs vary based on the color used. There are solid color poker chips and then there are multi color chips with 2 to 3 colors. You can also find poker chips with designs on them. Whatever design you opt for you must be sure that they will last you long.
  3. The number of chips that you need to buy
    If you are buying poker chips, you can choose to buy sets of 500 or 300 chips. Sets of 1,000 are also available. If you need more customized numbers, you may buy sets of 200, 400, 650, and 700.
The number of chips that you need to buy will also depend on the kind of poker you wish play. For instance, if you wish to play Texas Hold 'Em Poker with 7 players and more, it is best advised that you buy sets of 500 chips. The idea being that a player should have a minimum of 35 poker chips and a maximum of 100 in order to have a better game.

Now you know what exactly to look for while buying poker chips. It is relatively easier to shop for more when you wish to upgrade the number of chips with you. Just remember that as the number of players increases, it is best to have more poker chips.

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