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To Show or not to Show

Some people show their cards when they win at Poker and some don't. There are a few schools of thought on that I think.

When playing with someone who never shows their cards of course one never knows what the player has, if he/she has been bluffing or what. How many times with an aggressive player do you want to see what they have, so sometimes you call them just to see what they what's in their hand.

When playing with strangers at an online tourneys or even cash tables, sometimes one will show a bluff. Sometimes they'll show another bluff. They want you to see this because the next time when they bet big you're going to think they're bluffing and low and behold they aren't and they've sucked you in.

At live games I've seen them do the same thing smiling gleefully to the folder as the player that folded grimaces. Sometimes at live games they'll show one card not both. To show they had a pair but the question is, if you had the same pair, did they have trips, or a low kicker or what? Sometimes when showing one card they'll show you the card that doesn't match anything and you don't really know if they had the winning card in their hand or what.

When playing with forums where there are people you kind of play with a lot, some show the winning hand to be nice to the people. It's a nice gesture with friends at a game. Others show at forum games just to show people that they WEREN'T bluffing so that they will take the next raise or all in seriously. Then the ones that never show, just never show and that's that.

Most people don't show at all which probably is the best thing as you keep your opponent in the dark all the time. You don't know whether this person is bluffing, being just plain aggressive or what.

I think one has to think about how they want to play it. It's up to the individual really, whether to show or not to show. The funny thing is with some online games when you do show to tell them you had the goods, they just don't look and still call you all the time and get taken out. A good player will watch all this stuff and possibly know when to call and when not to, watching how the players play. I've played with people where I know when they raise they have something. True when someone calls and chases or something they can loose with whatever they have raised with, but generally they have the goods, and a good player can watch the play and kind of tell.

To show or not to show that is the question!!!! There's a bunch of thoughts on this subject and I think you have to follow your gut most of the time with what you want to do.

Good luck at the tables.

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