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No kiddees this is not a new game. This game of stud has been around for years and years, way before Texas Holdem. I can't tell you how many times I've been in a Stud tourney and the young ones say, "I don't know how to play this game, I'm lost!!" The funny thing is, poker is poker, the best 5 card hand wins no matter how many cards are dealt.

There are two different regular Stud games. 5 card Stud and 7 card Stud. With 5 card Stud the player gets one hole card and one card up (door card) on the first deal after everyone antes. Now you can see this door cards and tell if you have anything higher than what's on the table. The lowest door card is forced to bet either half of the starting stakes i.e.: $1 on $2/$4 or if this person has a pair or chooses to they can bet the whole amount of the stake i.e.: $2. The rest of the table then either bets, raises or folds.

Then the 2nd card is dealt to all that are still in the game and from here on it is bet or checked by the highest upcard(s) dealt to a player. So as you can see let's say if you have a KQ and two more K's are dealt to a player you really should maybe fold as they are gone and won't pair you up.

Four cards total are dealt face up to make 5 and the highest hand wins. In 5 card Stud a pair is very very good. Trips are great. It's a little bit different than Texas Holdem or Omaha.

7 card Stud is very similar except you get a total of 7 cards dealt total. After an ante, the dealer deals two cards down and one card up (door card as in 5 card stud). The lowest card is to make the same type of bet as in 5 card Stud and then it goes around the table betting, checking, or raising. If you get a pair in the down cards it's called a concealed pair and if you get a pair with one of the down cards and the up card it's called a split pair. Then the 2nd card is dealt up around the table for those who are still in the game. This goes on to the last card which is dealt down. So the player can see most of the cards that are dealt and choose to stay or fold. Needless to say if you see your matching cards to a pair or something like that get dealt to other players fold. The best 5 card poker hand wins the hand just like every other poker game.

Both of these games are as old as the hills and a lot of fun to play. You have to know when to fold with these games, for instance if the three cards dealt at the beginning of the hand don't match at all, it's wise not to stay in the hand. Chasing isn't recommended in stud as so many do in Holdem. You have to be quick online also as the play goes so fast and players hands are folded fast, to try and see the cards that were dealt.

Give them a try at play money tables and good luck.

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