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Sizing up Opponents Playing Online Poker

Yes, you are at a Poker game playing with complete strangers online at a tourney or a cash table. Since you can't see the person how do you know how they play or what an online tell is? It's tough because and anonymous person can say anything they want to in the chat box and you don't know jack about them. It's very safe to trash talk etc from your home computer and know your not going to get decked.

There are a few things you can look for while playing. One is the guy that tells you how to play, that you should have done this and that wasn't the right bet. Those guys are sooooo annoying. First of all, if they're so good why are they playing a small stakes tourney or small stakes cash game??? They should be in Vegas playing with the big boys, or in the WSOP or something, not telling you how to play online. More than likely these geniuses make a wrong decision and end up going out. So much for the EXPERT!!!!

Then there are the people that wait to make a bet of fold using up the time bank. Some of them want to stall to make the blinds go up so they stall to take up time for that to happen. Sometimes a good hand will stall to make it look like a weak hand so they're thinking if they should call or not. People that are playing in multiple games stall at times also. Other times it's a lagging computer also. Something wrong with the Internet or router or just a plain old computer that doesn't have a lot of memory. All and all with the fast pace of online poker it's annoying a lot of the time.

The guys that gloat after winning a hand are wonderful also. Normal players don't have to gloat after winning a hand. If you win a hand you win a hand, you don't have to chide someone after beating him or her. These guys usually don't like to be beaten so you can probably get them out with a great hand in the long run. After all they are telling you what a great player they are. Opps, maybe not!!!

Oh the bullies who rant and rave. The try and bet their way through a hand and then start ranting at the player that beat them, or that the site is rigged. Oh yes, these guys are crying "This site is RIGGED!" all the time. My question is, if you think it's rigged, really rigged, why are you playing here? The smart thing would be DON'T PLAY HERE!!! These guys go on tilt a lot and are good targets in the long run with a superior hand. Yes some of them get lucky but in the long run they're gone gone gone.

That is why it's good to watch a table before you jump in sometime. When playing a tourney sometimes it's good to just lay low a few rounds because you can size up the other players and find your targets.

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