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Rush Poker Strategy

Full Tilt poker has released a new style of poker that emphasizes intense, high–speed game play. All of the regular rules of poker still apply, but "Rush" poker has changed the workings of an online poker room, allowing players to play many more hands in a certain amount of time than would be experienced in a typical ring game.

Rush poker assembles a large group of people into one room and randomly seats them at different tables. The main distinguishing factor of this variation of poker is the "Quick Fold" option. This option allows you to fold at any time during a hand, even before the action ever reaches you the first time. Once you've folded, you are instantly transported to a different table where a new hand is just starting. This feature eliminates the downtime that is experienced when you've folded your hand but are waiting for the other players to play the rest of the round. Also, because of this option, you will very often be playing different opponents with every hand. There are a few strategies that you might want to consider when trying Rush poker.

Play Tight

It's important to keep the "Quick Fold" option in mind when considering your Rush strategy. Many players will be using this option to their advantage. Quick folds will be happening all the time, and many players will be folding until they get a great hand because they won't have to wait around. This is why it's important to play tightly. Because it's so easy and alluring to fold, the players who do stay in a hand will more than likely have great cards. Tight players will usually only play face–card pocket pairs, A/K, A/Q, K/Q, A/J suited, Q/J, J/10, 9/10 suited, and sometimes pairs of 10s, 9s, or 8s. Trying to make something out of low pocket pairs or a low straight or flush draw can be enticing, but it isn't worth it when it's almost guaranteed that another player has a better hand.

Be Aggressive

Once you have a good hand, be sure to win as big a pot as you can. You may be able to take advantage of the players who are more willing to gamble on mediocre hands, so you'll want to raise the pot often.

You might also want to consider slow–playing. Consistently continue to raise the pot, but only do it a little bit at a time. Because Rush poker encourages folding, players may tend to get out of the hand as soon as they see an early, large raise. Be aggressive, but try not to drive other players out of the hand.

Other Tips

Bluffing is almost pointless in Rush poker. Because of the fast–paced style, players will probably not even be paying attention their opponents' mental strategies. Also, anyone who is staying in a hand probably has a decent draw, so bluffing with rags will very rarely get you anywhere.

Don't worry about using many of the same strategies over and over. If a strategy is working out for you, keep using it. There is very little chance that anyone will catch on to your tactics because you'll be playing different opponents with each hand.

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