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Poker Takes Skill not Luck

Poker, being a game of strategy and not luck requires practice, thought and a development of style if you want to win Before you can start to develop your own style you need to understand the rules and if you are like most people, you will learn from others. If you are smart you will pit your skills against more seasoned and experienced players. Consistently beating a fool is no major victory and does little to hone your skills. Poker is relatively simple, the rules are few and easy to understand. Learning poker is easy, mastering poker is a completely different matter and is something most of us will not fully achieve. Trying to get there is fun though.

There are as many different ideas about winning strategies as there are players and sometimes even more. Most players will admit that there are some basic rules and guidelines that are worth following because if you don't practice the basics you are not going to be in the game long enough to develop your own style and strategies.

The first strategy decision that has to be made is whether you are playing to win or just for the social interaction. Playing to win is not easy and takes practice, concentration, discipline, commitment, in other words it is work. If you just want to sit down at the table and play a few hands and blow off a little steam that works too. The approach in either case is different and starts before you sit down. Know why you are sitting down at the table before you pull the chair out. If you don't you are going to lose and then scratch your head and wonder what just happened. You can be both kinds of poker player, just not at the same game. You can play to win and work at it and other times just sit down to play a few hands and catch up on what is new.

Like most games of strategy, if you focus on your strategy and skills the rest will fall in to place and that means winning. If you play chess you did not win every game as you were learning. When you lost a piece or a game you learned from it and tried something different the next time. You learned what your opponents strategies were and then developed approaches to overcome those strategies. Poker works the same way.

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