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To play good Poker you need to understand position. Meaning that depending on where you are sitting in relation to the dealer button you have to adjust your game. If you recognize the style of your opponents play, chances are big that you will know what kind of hands they are holding and this is will surely lead to success.

You are in early position if you're seated in any of the first four places to the left of the dealer button and this is the most difficult position. In this position you don't have much information yet about your opponents and you should keep your game tight. Don't spill your chips on uncertain hands cause you want to keep a decent stack. You only want to play high cards like high pairs and suited high cards.

You are in middle position if you're seated in the three places to the left of the early position. In this position you also should keep your game pretty tight. After the flop you could try to show more aggression since you have seen most of your hand and need to make the decision to bet or fold. A weaker hand can work out just fine from this position but it's still safer to stick to the higher cards.

In late position you have a great edge on the other players and if no one raised before you, you can easily play lower hands. In late position you can play a lot more aggressive then in the other positions and if you managed your chips well and have watched your opponents habits you should be able to take them to the cleaners from this position.

In each position you need to keep watching what the other players are up to. When playing in the same poker room, at the same tables often you will probably often play the same players. If you recognize the style of your opponents in early position it will help you a great deal on how you should play your hands. With the correct knowledge on your opponents you could easily play aggressive from early position. Use the advanced software that most poker rooms offer to make notes on players that you can use on later occasions.

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