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Picking a Poker Alias

Poker names tell you a lot about the person your playing with at some poker tables. You can pick a different poker name at different sites depending on whether you want people to know who you are at all times or if you want to be anonymous and not have people know who you are. There's a lot to be said with a poker name a lot of the time.

Do you want to be strong, do you want to be normal, and do you want to be a man if you're a woman, or a woman if you're a man. Playing online is sightless. You don't see your opponent. You don't know if they are a man or a woman, or even a child playing on his or her parents account.

When playing forum games with people that you have been playing with for sometime, more than likely you will want them to know who you are. You get to know how they play and have a better sense of how to play with your friends or acquaintances. When playing on sites where thousands of people play and you basically don't know them it might be different.

A lot use an alias with a city followed by the word kid, such as the Las Vegas Kid........if you look at where they're from half the time there from Russia, or somewhere no where near Las Vegas. That always tickles me.

Some use words such as Pimpin...this and Pimp that. That tells me that this person is young most of the time and possibly if you saw them face to face that they would be a little wimp that is trying to be a big shop at the poker table...but if you were to confront them in real life they'd run at any sign of a confrontation.

Then there are also the ones with some sort of profanity in their poker name such as FKn or FUKN, or nasty words as a poker alias. You can kind of tell that they will be aggressive and pushy with their betting. Usually they bluff they're way being aggressive because all the books and poker articles say that if your aggressive it's good. The thing is after a bunch of raises and all ins the table with decent players will see that its a sham and call this person. Sure enough very soon after that he/she is OUT!!!! If a poker name offends you in some way you can write the site and tell them to look into it. The sites filter profanity in the chat at the table but for some reason they don't filter the table name that people pick.

Some sites you can change your poker table name such as the Cake Network sites and others you can't so when picking a poker table name be sure to pick one you can live with and one that you want your personality to reflect whether it's a character you want people to think you are or really you.

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