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Ok, so your playing a game of online poker per usual and everything is just hunky dory. Monetarily your stack is about the same and it's a nice game etc.

A hand is about to finish and on the river this guy bets a big bet and someone else calls it with a small pair. The small pair wins the hand and the big bettor has AJ no pair, no nothing.

All of a sudden so guy starts dishing and demeaning another player, and it's not nice. "Your an idiot!! You're retarded!!! You're a donk" The player that's being demeaned says "?".

I don't know about you, but trash table talk just irks me no end. First of all this guy didn't even have a pair and was pushing on virtually nothing. Why is it when they have an Ace they think they're going to win a hand just because of that?

Now this guy that's trash talking keeps it up and is clearly after the one that won the hand. He keeps raising etc and chiding this poor guy.

So what do you do as another player on the table? Do you tell him to shut up? Do you stick up for the other guy? Do you just not say anything? Meanwhile it's distracting you from the game.

Well, honestly, some people start trash talking on purpose to try and throw you off your game. I know people who do this. I have to laugh because it's ok if Mike the Mouth Matusow does it. Phil Helmuth goes off and yes it annoys some people, but they do it never the less. The thing is they don't use profanity, because if they did they would be thrown out of the game period, or out of the casino.

One of the things you can do is disable the chat from most sights. Of course if someone you know is at the table they can't talk to you. Another thing to do is make sure you have a good hand if this guy is all ining the guy he's mad at, if you want to play the hand, or maybe just wait so he won't donk you out. The other thing you can do is leave the table and find another one with no hostility.

The worst thing to do if the chat is aimed at you is to try and get the guy. Getting personal with someone like that "Trying to GET him or her" isn't recommended. Your playing gets clouded as far as what you should stay with and what you should fold, trust me I've been there. Getting emotional with players online just isn't smart. More than often you get taken out.

The last thing you can do is get the guys table name and the tourney or game no. and the table no, and time, and turn them into the site. The poker sites have a record of all the chat. If nothing else they might take this persons chat away for a while.

Happy Chatting!!!!!!

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