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Players today are playing Texas Holdem. Yes, that's the hot game and has been for quite a number of years now. Texas Holdem is the game that's mostly shown on TV when they show the tourneys on ESPN or any other station.

Another game that's a lot of fun to play is Omaha. I remember when I first started playing Omaha at the Play Tables to learn how confused I was. It's a different mind set to play Omaha.

In poker no matter what game, you need the best 5 cards in order to win the hand. Omaha is the same just with a different deal. The dealer deals 4 hole cards and 5 on the flop like in Texas Holdem. The confusing part is: you can only use 2 cards out of the 4 in your hole cards to make a hand with the flop, so therefore you can only use three cards on the flop combined with the two cards in the hole to make a hand.

It does get confusing sometimes, especially when you're used to playing Texas Holdem. So many times you think you have a flush and you don't because only one card in the hole is of that suite. It takes a little while till your used to it to playing the game without getting confused allot.

Because of the 4 hole cards straights and flushes that are good hands are actually low in this game. If the flop pairs up there is a good chance that a full house or a 4 of a kind can win the hand. Which leads us to the chasing players. Oh yes, in low stakes games they chase and chase and chase. The truth is if the flop has suited cards and you don't have that suit it's probably better to fold especially with a full table of people. Chances are someone's going to hit that flush. It isn't worth a huge pot bet to try and catch something. You have to remember more cards are deal out into the hole cards than Holdem so your percentages go down that you might be able to catch a card.

Sometimes someone will either go all in if it's a no limit game, or bet the pot, if it's a pot limit game right off the bat with Aces in the hole or Kings in the hole. Well that's nice if you're playing heads up or maybe three people, but with a full table most will call the bet. In Omaha betting like that before the flop can be treacherous. Anything can come on the flop, such as 4's for instance and someone could have a pair of 4's in the hole and bingo, the person keeps betting and betting and probably will loose. Just because you have Aces in the hole doesn't mean your going to win the hand in Omaha, no sirreee!!!!

All and all Omaha is a very interesting and can be a very fun game. It takes a little time to get used to it however so I suggest if you haven't played it play at the play money tables till you get used to the hands and the betting etc.

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