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Multi-Table Strategy

The online poker world has gained a new generation of players to make a good living from playing poker but the weird thing about that is that many poker professionals play at lower stakes compared to Vegas old hands. In the past you'd have to play at least at the $25/$50 level before you could make a living from poker. But now there is an entire new class of online poker professionals that make a living at levels like $5/$10 or lower. This new phenomenon arised cause poker via computers and the internet allows players to play more tables at the same time. Some of these players play 16 tables at the same time! This new poker strategy is called multi-tabling.

Key at multi-tabling is that you stay at a low level, dangerous in moving up to a higher level is that you may overestimate your ROI. There will be more sharks at higher levels and even the awful players will be less bad.

If you are making $5 per hour playing on one table, it's easy to increase your hourly rate by playing 2 or 4 or even 16 tables at the same level. You are already comfortable at this level and have a good feel for the betting at this level and at this level you can make betting decisions quite fast. This is the easiest way for a small stakes player to start making $20 or more per hour playing online poker.

Risky with multi-tabling is that it divides your attention, so there will be less time to closely watch each individual player and it will take you more time to get a feel for how the game is going at each table.

Start slowly, for instance on two tables, once you get comfortable, move up to 3 tables, once you get comfortable, move up to 4 tables. Play around until you are comfortable.

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