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Joining a Poker Forum

What does a poker forum offer people, especially new people to poker, playing cards and or joining a social network such as a forum.

For one thing there are usually a bunch of people on a forum or social network that have one thing in common... yes that's poker folks. POKER!!!!

There are many many forums or social networks on the internet and maybe some of the forums are not for you, and maybe some of them are for you.

The first thing to do is go and read some of the posts on the ones that you might want to join. Some forums don't allow access unless you register an account with them, so that would be up to you if you would want to do that or not. The good thing is one some forums you can delete your account yourself, and if this particular forum isn't for you can ask the administrator to delete your account.

You will probably see a lot of the same names on multiple forums, as a lot of poker players belong to multiple forums and know each other through the Internet and from the poker sites playing the different forum games. As you get to know people they become your friends or acquaintances and you learn how they play their game so when you meet up with them at a table you have an idea how to bet and if you should call them or go all in etc.

Another good thing about playing forums the games are usually low in entries because it's limited to the people that belong to the forum. Essentially you have a better change of winning some money with a lower number of people that are entered into the tourney.

Poker forums also have many threads in them from saying hello or telling a joke to what burns you up at the games, or what bad beat happened to you at a game. Some forums have poker pros that have a thread for you to ask questions about your game. This can be very educational and lets face it people like to talk to celebrities and these pros do answer your questions.

On some social networks, there are groups you can join, write blogs. Invite people to a game from another forum or group. Some of them you can upload music and video and have it on your home page at the site with a profile of yourself, your likes and dislikes etc, so that if other people can get to know you and you make friends.

Some forums have special things that they get from the poker sites for a tourney. A lot of times it's money added, or a ticket to a big game that would cost a big entry fee if you register yourself. Some forums give away merchandise like caps, tee shirts or coffee mugs with a sites name on it.

Forums are good things so take a look around.

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