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How Poker has Evolved

The Poker game's past is a mystery and cannot be tracked to any certain point in the history of card games. It does resemble a Persian game called NAS and may have been introduced to the United States by sailors who came into New Orleans. The French Canadians who came to New Orleans to help the city settle may have also brought in versions of the game of poker with them. However we do know that the game traveled up the Mississippi as a game of choice for gamblers who primarily were the paddle wheelers. The game that was played then was the 5-card stud. The popularity of the game grew from the saloons along the river and was carried to the heartland by soldiers and frontiersmen who loved to gamble amongst friends. The game went westward during the gold rush and achieved its cult status during the civil war.

Soon after the Civil War, the game changed to the 5-card draw; this meant that one could get more bets on a single hand and even more interestingly, it took the art of bluffing to unknown heights since the player was not showing the cards. Then the Texas hold'em game came into existence with its 7-card stud and went on to become the most popular poker game of all time.

Poker transcends social classes and is played by people belonging to the most elite to the commoner. Even presidents are known to have been keen followers of the game and it is this acceptance of the game across strata f society that has given poker its massive fan following as we see on TV today.

With the coming of the internet age, the number of players hooked on to this game has touched astronomical figures. Online poker has brought in the world of options ranging from playing in the local poker room or else any other location of your choice. The choice of game as well as selection of limits is entirely yours, so is the decision of getting into a ring game or a tournament. The stakes are varied as are entry fees for various tournaments. The important point however, is that there is a version of the game of poker to suit just anyone and it is the player that decides.

The poker game has surely come a long way from its early days and the way it has grown over the past quarter of the century is beyond any one's wildest imagination!

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