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Hand Selection Charts

Players that are insecure with their hand selection could use a chart to create a better game play. Poker hand selection charts can help a player a lot but mustn't be seen as the formula to guaranteed winnings, cause in poker every game can take an unexpected twist and will be influenced by it's players so there are never any guarantees in poker. If you use the poker charts with some common sense they can help you in the good direction.

A beginning poker player will feel more secure when they know which starting hands they should play. But make sure you memorize the chart, don't bring it to a game, you want to keep an eye on what is going on with your opponents, try to read their plays and also have to watch your hole cards. Poker charts can be useful but they are no speedway to success. You'll have to understand why a certain hand could be played or why it could't. If the chart looks like rocket science to you that could mean your poker game isn't good enough for you to use them yet. In this case it's better that improve your basic play first, try to understand the game. So make sure that you understand when and where to apply the chart.

Some poker players state that hand selection charts can only bring a player to a medium level of play. If you find that you're not winning as much as you hoped with the help of the chart, throw it away. Very often you have to be creative to win a game and you mustn't rely on the poker chart then. Knowing when to use the chart and when to not use it will bring your poker play to a higher level op poker play.
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