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Ok, so you need some cash at a poker site. Ok, so you don't have any money to deposit and you would like to try and build up your bankroll. Ok, so you've decided to play in a really really big freeroll and you want to survive. Yes, there are freerolls all over the place at every poker site, at all the forums, freerolls, freerolls, freerolls.

The good thing about freerolls is they are free first of all, and if you win or place in the money, you have money to play with at poker sites.

Now, first of all if you win a lot of money at one roll lets say, you can't cash out at the majority of the poker sites. After all, it is free money and these sites aren't just going to give it away just like that...NO NO NO!!!! You're going to have to play the money off in the ring games. Oh yes, boys and girls, that means play actual poker at the tables. Some times if you actually do a buy in tourney and win they will let you cash out your winnings. So freerolls can be good for a lot of things really, building up your bankroll for one, which I guess is a good thing for us broke people.

There are people who poker people call free rollers. That's all they do is play freerolls. Most people that actually play poker hate the free rollers. They play the game with a no care abandon because after all IT'S FREE and it isn't their money they're spending. Oh no boys and girls it's like a donk fest after all. All ins the first hand and chase chase chase.

The trick is to try and stay in through the first break. The inevitable all ins the first hand. Oh yes, all in, all in!!!! Of course when you have a great hand suck as AA or KK you get sucked out and they win with an 8 2 and not even suited. Yes, then if you managed to stay in the game because you didn't call the idiot, he/she becomes aggressive because the stack is bigger now. But alas, this person will eventually be taken out....yes most of the time they will. Players have a tendency to call everything and chase because it's a freeroll, and of course they river out, lol. Hopefully, you've played the right hands and managed to stay in to possibly build your bankroll.

When you play buy ins with forums sometimes they have a freeroll for the top places in the league or series of games. This is nice for the members and is a little better as far as being donked out but people still play weird and loose because it's a freeroll.

Some poker sites have freerolls that give you a ticket to the final freeroll. There are usually a whole lot of people registered for these freerolls. Pokerstars comes to mind. Not great odds there.

So as I finish this little ditty I am in a freeroll where a donk has won 2 hands now and shouldn't have even called. Yes, freerolls are a hoot.....yes they are. It's almost comical really. Of course everyone loves a freeroll, except this author.....hahahaha

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