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The forums for poker have been building up for many many years now. Everyone and his brother have a forum. Some have two and three forums. You can put up a Poker forum for free and with in about two minutes your up and running. Then of course you can take out a hosting account and still download a forum for free or possibly by a license for a particular brand of forum. Yes kiddies there are forums up the ying yang for you to either socialize, find games, bitch and moan, or whatever you might like to do.

There are forums in every language and in every country. Most Poker forums have games all the time. Some forums have over 1000 or more people and some have maybe 100 or 200 people that belong to them.

Ok, so a lot of people belong to multiple forums. Yes, so many of them that they don't really have time to post much because if they went around and posted all the time they wouldn't have time to play poker. With that said, there are tons of games also. Mostly low to mid buy ins, such as 2 and 3 and some 5 buck buy ins plus the fee from the poker site. Some have money added or tickets to big tourneys added and some don't.

With that said, most of the forums with the exception of a few, get anywhere between 10 and 15 people in the games usually. Oh yes, if there's a freeroll, they come out of the woodwork, lol. And some of the games get cancelled because they don't meet the minimum number of registrants which is usually 10.

Ok, so now something comes along called a forum network. The idea is, with a network of forums there can be more money added to the games and get a better turn out. All well and good except the same people belong to most of the forums. By the same people I mean the people who participate in buy in games, so essentially, its still the same people playing with the number of people possibly going up by a couple. Oh yes, but if it's a freeroll it's loaded.

Ok so now some guys decide to do a different forum network. Ok, the same people that do the buys ins still belong to most of the forums so you're still getting basically the same people playing.

Oh yes the poker forum networks are starting to take over the Internet. Yes, there's more money added so it's wonderful for the player, except if there's a lot added there are more players and your chances of coming in the money are lower.

Oh yes, kiddies, it's the year of the forum NETWORKS. Still low buy in games with the same buy in players playing most of them. Yes, they will pick up some new players. I'm sure they will, but other than that not much has changes as far as the people playing the games.

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