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Bankroll Management

You will need to understand bankrollmanagement to do well in poker. Many things are important to keep your bankroll healthy, you'll have to understand the different games of poker to play at the right limits and you'll also have to realize your limits.

To build up your bankroll you need to know the difference between tournaments and cash games. Very often tournaments can seem very attractive with big prizes and chance to win seats in big events. When a tournament is a freeroll it could be a good idea to join but realize that these tournament have many players and will take a lot of time. If you play a at reasonable level you'd want to focus on the cash games more to quickly build your bankroll.

Poker rooms try to recruit new players by giving them free cash, this bonus can make you a lot of cash to play with without having to deposit. But you will probably have to deposit to withdraw the free money but if you know how touse your bankroll this will can worth your while. If you want to play in a poker room you'll first have to find out if there is a bonus code that will give you free cash and you'll also have to try to find a poker room that will also give you a match deposit bonus.

The standard rule about the size of your bankroll compared to your buy-ins, is that you should have a bankroll that covers at least 20 times your buy in in cash games and 4 times in tournaments. This is a guideluine, shorthanded games can vary a lot and sometimes you'll have to throw in more.

Even a very skilled player will have some down periods, the element of luck in poker is something you can't control. Sometimes you will receive with impossible hole cards and this can happen for a long while. This period should not break your bankroll so make a long term plan for your betting.
Make inventory of your gaming every now and then and adjust your spending to fit your current play.

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