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What makes online casinos for USA players? | dec 18, 2013

USA Casinos

We all know that US gamers have actually had it pretty hard of late, when it comes to online casinos. Several states have opened up their own state-wide online casinos, and many other states refuse to offer online casino gaming. Whether or not you can play at an online casino licensed and based in the United States, depends very much on where you reside. But what about all those other online casinos that exist offshore, that are designed for USA players or are US friendly? Just what makes an online casino for USA players?

Of all the online casinos for USA players, they all have several things in common. We can break them down into very short keywords. These keywords are English, US Dollars, Toll-Free Support, Payment Methods and Bonuses. But what do all of those mean, and how do they correlate to online casinos for USA players? Firstly, let's look at the language. All online casinos for USA players have to offer the main language of the country, which is English. Most US friendly online casinos, not only offer English as a language, they often offer no others. The situation regarding currency is the same. Yes, most online casino sites offer US Dollars as a valid form of currency to use, when playing at the site. However, online casinos for USA players don't generally offer any other form of currency! The Americans really like to make everything as easy as possible for their gamers, and that is why in online casinos for USA players, there is almost always a toll-free telephone number to call. This will be in the customer support and services section, and will only be toll-free if you reside in the United States, or at the very minimum, North America. Online casinos for USA players will also have a range of speciality payment methods. Visa and Master Card are commonly offered in online casinos all across the globe, but in online casinos for USA players, they can seldom be used for withdrawals, only deposits. This is in stark contrast with casinos for European, or Asian players.

Payment methods for US players will also include a wide range of common US payment methods, such as Check by Courier and ACH, which aren't really used anywhere else in the world. And finally, there are the bonuses. European online casinos like to offer 100% matches up to a couple of hundred Pounds or Euros. In the US, they like it large. Online casinos for USA players know the Americans like huge bonuses, so many of the welcome bonuses that these types of online casinos offer are very much created in the American style. We are not talking about 100% matches worth up to £200. We're talking about welcome bonuses that offer 100%, 250%, or 400% matches worth up to $3,000, $5,000, $10,000 and beyond. As well as the welcome bonus, online casinos for USA players also like to throw in some additional bonuses for using one of their preferred payment methods, and it is usually MST. They will also have quite generic looks to their design, simple yet efficient, with a lot of big bold letters, advertising their latest offers. So you see, there are a lot of common factors in what makes online casinos for USA players. Generally online casinos for USA players will have a few, if not all of the qualities and features listed above. That is, the casinos designed for USA players which are based offshore. Online casinos that are offered on a state only basis may be totally different. You'd never know, until you happen to be in that state to play there!

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