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What is Pay Per Head service all about?

Pay Per Head

The Pay Per Head concept could seem complicated for some people at first, but we'll break it down in this article. The basic idea of Pay Per Head is to have a local bookkeeper that provides his clients all the services that an offshore sportsbook normally offers.
These services are anonymous, automated and internet based. When an online bookkeeper joins a Pay Per Head Company he can supply his customers with bets every day at any hour. This is a great way for local and small bookies to compete with the big boys of the betting site business.

The bookkeeper gives the customers a PIN and password so they can place bets in the website, and for this software service the bookie pays a weekly quota. The Pay Per Head companies even have their own call centers, this way bookies don't have to worry about customer service. At the long run this detail is important, because hiring an external call service center can be very expensive. By not taking any more bets by phone or text message, the bookie can organize his time a lot better, the website does all the work.

The Pay Per Head Service is also better for the gamblers, because they have access to a huge selection of bets 24/7 and premium customer service. The Sports Betting Wager Types are not limited to the traditional leagues, the selection is very ambitious and you can find any sport you can think about. If the bookkeeper wants to give his clients more fun and entertainment he can include an online casino. As you can see, Pay Per Head is really very easy to use and with many benefits for the bookkeeper and his clients, that is why it has become so popular.

The bookie can offer a lot more to his clients in a much shorter time span, all he needs is to direct all his contacts and customers to the betting site and attend to the business side instead of doing things manually. The Pay Per Head service and the clients will be doing all the hard work, while the bookie will focus on the weekly reports and the respective payments. The bookie can also focus on finding new clients instead of taking bets, and this is where the real money is, the more clients you have the more profits you'll have in the end, and that sounds pretty good to us.

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