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Tips for Making Money in Instant Win Casino Games

Online casinos have been a rich, booming industry over the last two decades. While the US government has had its problems in the past (especially most recently and with the UIGEA 2006 Acy), that's not to say that the worldwide casino industry isn't still growing.

Instant Win Games

One of the up 'n comers of the casino games industry are "instant casino games". The development in technology has meant that more and more casinos are going "instant". I don't mean they're becoming cheap and tacky like instant coffee.

Instead what these means is that they are incorporating Flash-based on Java based technology in their software which allows new users to play games in their browser without downloading anything. Examples of popular Flash based casinos include 888 Casino, Rushmore Casino, William Hill and All Slots Casino. You'll notice that when you visit the homepage of these sites they're be a flashy banner stating that you can play their casino games in your browser.

How to Make the Most Money from Instant Win Games?

Instant win games tend to attract a certain breed of casino player. They're not looking to deposit any money initially (unlike your typical casino whales and junkies betting $100 per hand in blackjack) however they do enjoy the experience and chance of winning a big jackpot from a small ticket price (i.e. low odds, high payouts). Instant game players tend to enjoy things such as scratch card games, video slots, keno and bingo.

The first thing that you can do to make more money is to take advantage of games bonuses. There are literally dozens of US-friendly and UK games sites on the internet with £10 free money offers for new sign-ups or 100% up to $200 bonuses for real money depositors. If you visit 888 Games, or even a bingo site like then you'll receive £10 free just for signing up! Although there are limitations for withdrawing this money, you can wager it in any of the bingo, slots or jackpot games with a chance to win real cash prizes worth more than £1,000.

My other tips for winning money in instant casino games are to use strict bankroll management. Video slots for example are the casino's biggest revenue earners by a long way. Thus, to give yourself a better chance of winning in them make sure you use your bankroll wisely. Only wager 0.5% of less of your bankroll in any single spin to ensure you have enough chances to win the jackpot. For example, if you're playing a video slots game such as Cleopatra of Treasure Nile with a $500 bankroll than only wager $2.50c maximum per spin.

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