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Tiger Woods Turns down Paddy Power's Offer

Tiger Woods
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Some people would say that turning down $75 million is downright insane – well, if that's the case, then Tiger Woods certainly must be as he just turned down a $75 million sponsorship offer from Paddy Power, an online sportsbook, casino, and poker site. Then again, he's insanely rich, so turning down this kind of money must be a cinch for someone of his station.

Sponsors Galore

It must be nice to be rich enough to afford turning down deals like this, but it isn't exactly a piece of cake to reach such a high level. Tiger Woods is in a class of his own, being a legendary golf player who broke records left and right, making an indelible mark on the world of sports. According to a study, Tiger Woods earns $100 million annually just from promotions alone, and that's more than any other athlete makes. However, things went bumpy for Tiger Woods just recently because of a scandal that erupted last 2009.
It has long been circulating in the rumor mill that Woods has infidelity issues, but it was only last year when disaster truly struck in an incident that involved his wife, a bunch of luxury cars, a golf club, a hydrant, and an innocent tree. While the news of this incident spread through the net like a viral disease, the sponsors soon began questioning whether or not Woods was really good for their companies. Accenture, At&T, Gatorade, and Gillette thought it prudent to sever ties with Woods completely.

Not even a Glance

However, even when he was facing such a situation, Woods did not even spare the $75 million sponsorship deal with Paddy Power a second glance. Paddy Power was offering a 5–year sponsorship deal for a very substantial amount of money. However, they were flat out turned down by Woods and his agent, Mark Steinberg. Steinberg said that "We're not involved in any discussions to add to his sponsorship portfolio at this time". As a result, the sponsorship deal was left in the dust. Paddy Power was probably trying to get Woods on their side to profit on the guy's popularity, just like how Only Poker did with Dennis Rodman. Furthermore, this online casino don't seem to plan on giving up on trying to get Woods too soon. Rumor has it that they're going to return to the bargaining table with yet another – probably bigger – offer.

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