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Three Opening Bonuses Worth Noting at Bet365

Three Opening Bonuses Worth Noting at Bet365

Bet365 is one of the most popular online casinos in the internet right now, especially since they are known for the lucrative bonuses that they are offering. Today, Bet365 is going to offer three types of opening bonuses that their players as well as new members are going to really benefit from.

The Standard Opening Bonus

This is the first bonus that players have to know of, the Standard Opening Bonus. When you make your first deposit worth $10 or more than that, you get to benefit from a 100% bonus, which can go up as high as $100.

The VIP Opening Bonus

Of course, if you are one of the high rollers, then this bonus is naturally not going to be enough for you, so why not try their VIP Opening Bonus? This type of bonus gives you a 100% bonus, too, but this time, the amount can go up as high as $500. With this big bonus though, it follows that your first deposit is high, so you have to make a minimum deposit of $200 to enjoy the 100% bonus up to $500.

A bonus this big will surely give you extra funds to pad your bankroll and increase it all the more.

The Slots Only Opening Bonus

For those who love online slot games, then they will surely be glad to know that Bet365 is also offering a bonus especially made for them, and this is the Slots Only Opening Bonus. To avail of this bonus, you only have to make your first deposit to receive a 200% bonus, which can reach as much as $200. This bonus is really going to be worth it, especially since Bet365 is very much popular to those online players who love this type of game. Bet365 is known for the wide range of online slot games wherein players are given a lot of choices.

Some of the online slot games that have made Bet365 popular are those themed games, the most popular of which are those with Marvel titles.

These three opening bonuses that Bet365 is offering is just some of the bonuses that can be found and enjoyed in this online casino, so if you want to know more about the bonuses that they have in store for their members, then you should check out their site.

Bet365 is a trusted and responsible online casino, so they highly recommend their existing and new members to read the terms and conditions of their different types of bonuses, especially their wagering requirements to avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

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