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Three New Pokies to Be Excited About This Summer

Online Pokies

Pokies continue to be the most popular form of casino gaming online.
People play casino pokies online both free and for real, both at online casinos and through social networks. And casinos are going out of their way to offer them what they need - fresh pokies to play with each month.
This summer we have quite a few new pokies to be excited about.

Electric Diva

Attractive divas, alien-busting heroes, electric guitars - these are all the things a good pokie needs. And Electric Diva will have all this, and much more. The game will take players on a quest to save Star City from the alien invaders threatening it. The Diva herself will see to it, transforming into a superhero armed with a Lightning-Powered Guitar Blaster to blast them out of existence.

Electric Diva will have five reels, three rows, and 40 win lines. It comes with the usual special symbols - Wilds and Scatters - and an extra symbol for an extra bonus game. When three or more aliens invade the screen, the game's Bonus feature is triggered, when the Diva transforms into her superpowered alter-ego, blasting alien invaders out of the sky.

Reel Spinner

Men like to play, and they also like to fish. And if they can do both, it's even better! This is exactly what the upcoming Reel Spinner slot machine has to offer: a pokie inspired by deep sea fishing. What a great game to play this summer!

Reel Spinner has five reels, three rows, and 50 win lines. Its reels are filled with colorful fish, the kind one could only catch on the endless ocean. It also comes with a Wild symbol to stand in for others on the reels, and a Scatter - the great marlin - that triggers the game's Free Spins feature.

And what a feature! When the Free Spins are triggered, players will be presented with six boats to choose from, each one hiding a number of free spins. Once they choose one, they proceed to the Reel, which decides how big a multiplier will be applied to all their wins. With a few lucky spins, players can win up to 112,500 coins.

Karaoke Party

This upcoming pokie is a bit of a mystery. All that we know about it so far is that it will be released this August, and it will feature, well, karaoke. Musical-themed pokies are in trend this year, with several high-profile games being released in the last few months. The mini-preview published by the game's developer is promising, that's for sure. It remains to be seen what features it will offer, and what tunes we'll have the chance to sing while playing it.

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