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The Las Vegas Sands has plans to Go Green

Go Green !!

More companies are looking for ways they can help the environment by making changes in the way they do things. The Las Vegas Sands has recently taken a look at ways that it can help the environment and they have devised a plan which will help them to go green. Las Vegas Sands has made quite a reputation for itself and is considered to be a global leader in sustainable development. It should be noted that the Las Vegas Sands will be able to save itself a lot of money in the long run by going green now.

Their go green efforts

The Las Vegas Sands will be installing artificial turf. This will allow them to cut back on using water to water grass and also save them from needing grass mowed. They will also be taking steps to cut down on the water usage they incur while doing laundry.
The change in the way they launder will cut down the usage by as much as 72%. They will also be designing new light bulbs and installing a master light switch. The Las Vegas Sands will also be installing environmental sensors to cut down on the energy usage. It will also begin recycling, using solar thermal systems, and installing new water fixtures.

A great step in the right direction

With such a highly recognized organization taking so many steps to go green it may lead to many others following. The efforts they are making will be better for both the environment and their financial situation. Once other companies see how easy and beneficial it can be, they may be more willing to take similar steps to go green. Not to mention, customers will have more respect for a company that is taking steps to show that they are willing to make some changes in order to go green and do their part for the environment. Any way you look at it, this is a win win situation for the Las Vegas Sands and for the environment. This is definitely a step in the right direction.

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