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Swiss Casino Robbed by Armed Men

Swiss Casino Robbed

Just after four o'clock in the morning on Sunday, ten assailants who were armed with pistols and machine guns smashed into the Grand casino and robbed the casino at gunpoint. There were more than 600 people in the casino during the robbery. The assailants forced all of the employees and guests to the floor. They then went on to take cash out of the cash registers located on two floors. There were shots fired inside of the casino as the men tried unsuccessfully to get into the strong room.

During the Heist

Although there were shots fired inside the casino, no one was hit from the gun fire. However, some of the guests and one security guard were either hit or had been stepped on during the commotion taking place.
The criminals were speaking in French and shouted out all of their orders to the guests and casino employees in French. The scene has been described as the kind of action one could expect to see out of an action film. This was not what employees and guests expected Sunday morning when they headed out to go to the casino.

The Getaway

After the men collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from the casino, they lest quickly. The criminals took off in two silver colored Audis which adorned French license plates. As the men were making their escape from the casino they had just burst into and robbed by gunpoint, a woman drove between the two silver Audis and accidentally blocked the exit of the casino. The woman was then pulled out of her car and the assailants beat her. There has also been talk that the gunmen may have even shot at another car as they were making their high speed getaway. The Grand Casino is just a little over 200 meters from the border of Switzerland and France. The German police have stated that they already have five suspects are already in custody. This heist took place just weeks after the March 6th robbery of a high profiled poker tournament which had taken place in Berlin.

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