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Superheroes Conquering Online Casinos

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Heroes, heroines, super villains – these and more are what keep people hooked to comic books despite the presence of high tech CG movies and what not. There's just something nostalgic about them, something that speaks of boyhood memories and childhood dreams, of uncomplicated ages where super speed and super strength were far from impossible. You could dream of being batman and superman and nobody would ridicule you for it. Indeed, comic books just bring a wealth of warm and happy memories to people that it's no wonder that people still find them especially enjoyable even when they become adults. Thus, it's not surprising at all that comic book icons have made the transition from paper into online casinos.

Child at Heart

One of the most notable integrations of the Superhero theme into online casinos is that of Marvel. With characters like The Hulk and Iron Man, both of whom have successfully transitioned into the big screen, have just invaded the world of computer games. PS3, Wii, and PC games – all of them have games that have superheroes as the theme. The adult gaming software, particularly those that deal with gambling software, have also just recently incorporated this theme in order to gain the interest of a new audience. Other comic book heroes who have made the transition include X– Men, Fantastic Four, Blade, Elektra, and the Daredevil. Even if these characters are essentially made for children, there are some people who never quite forget their childhood heroes, no matter how old they become. So, really, it's only natural for grown men to be more interested in a casino game that has Iron Man as its theme rather than one with fruits. Really, it's a wonder that the online gambling industry waited this long to implement this fantastic idea.

Slots Games

The type of game being targeted for this new theme is the slot machine. Progressive Casino Slots, in particular, have received special treatment in this department. Even the graphics and the sound effects were very much improved so that the experience will be new and exciting. Furthermore, with the addition of the superhero element, it certainly becomes much more interesting to play slots due to the storylines added. According to Jeff Turner, the marketing director of, this theme allows the audience to 'relive the magic of their childhood', so there's no doubt that this move will be well– received by the public and will become very popular.

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