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SportsbookUSA receives another complaint over its payouts

Image above Courtesy of "onlinesportsbook"

SportsbookUSA has been receiving complaints about their payouts for years now. One would wonder how they have managed to keep their head above the water so long with all of the complaints from those who have found themselves waiting long lengths of time for payouts. Some people claim to have never received their payouts. This is one reason why it is crucial for online bettors to make sure they choose their betting sites wisely. Online betting sites can provide players with a great betting environment, provided they choose their site carefully.

One more person hasn't received their funds

This past May 10, one more player made a withdrawal of $116. The funds were in fact taken out of the players account as if they were going to be transferred into his NETeller account. However, after weeks of waiting the player never received their money. The betting site cited difficulties with their cashier system. However, this was far from the first time that players have experienced these kinds of problems when trying to make withdrawals from their accounts. SportsbookUSA has had complaints about their payouts for a long time now. In fact, the problems even led to the betting site being downgraded to F in the year 2006.

Players need to protect themselves

This sort of problem is one example of why players need to exercise caution when they are looking for the right betting site for them to participate on. It's always a good idea for players to do some research and thoroughly check out the betting sites before they join one and deposit funds into an account. By taking the time to join a reputable betting site, players will be able to enjoy all of the opportunities that are available to them.

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