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There is some very exciting news in the online casino world. The domain name is going to be available for some lucky person to purchase as of April. This means someone will be able to purchase a one word domain name which also has the .com extension. The best part of all is that one word is the word "Slots". Anyone in the online casino scene already knows how huge this is. It is more than difficult; in fact it is nearly impossible for a person to find such a domain name for sale, especially when it comes to online gaming domains.

How to purchase

The domain name will officially be put up for auction in April and anyone who is interested in bidding on it has been asked to send an email to In the email, interested parties will want to include their name or the name of their company, their email address, a phone number, a fax number, and their market capitalization.
There is expected to be quite a bit of buzz going on in the online casino scene with the announcement of this domain name becoming available and it should be interesting to see how much ends up going for to some very lucky person. This domain name would more than likely be the very first choice for anyone wanting to build a website which had anything at all to do with slots.

About domain names

When it comes to purchasing a domain name there are two important things a person will be looking for. The first thing they want is the simplest and most self explanatory name possible. The other thing they will generally be hoping for is that they can get that name with a .com extension. However, with so many of the domain names taken, it isn't often that a person will luck out and get the name they want. This is why it is such a big deal that is now available for purchase. It is the perfect domain name and it should be very interesting to see how much it sells for.

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