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Singapore Welcomes Its First Casino

Singapore Welcomes Its First Casino

A First– Class Tourist Destination

It cannot be denied that Singapore has gained the interest of a lot of tourists, especially since this island offers a lot to its visitors in terms of sights to see and places to explore. Today, Singapore has added a new attraction to its list of tourist destinations, and this is the Resorts World at Sentosa. The Resorts World is just one of two such projects that Singapore is going to put into effect.

With hopes to gain a large share of their target market, this 4.7 billion– dollar project is said to rival the casinos found in Macau and Malaysia as well as in Australia. They are hoping that their billion– dollar project is going to push Singapore into becoming a center for businesses and companies as well as banks, and there is a lot of hope invested into their first casino. With high hopes, they are, in fact, already thinking of bringing their business into the United States of America, despite the revenue loss of the latter's casino industry.

The launching of the Resorts World was met by a traditional lion dance, which is a part of Singapore's culture, and when their visitors and tourists flocked into the casino, five members of the casino staff posing as Roman statues greeted them. Each of the staff was carrying items associated with casinos, some of which are a deck of cards, a gambling chip, and a die. Aside from local tourists and visitors, the casino has also attracted the attention of foreigners.

High Hopes

As stated above, high hopes are poured into this project. Singapore is expecting that the revenues taken from the games will help boost their economy, and aside from this, the government of Singapore is also hoping that this will tremendously increase the number of tourists coming into their island city– state.

It is being said that the visitor ratio of Resorts World is going to double by the year 2015, attracting more than 17 million tourists and visitors per year. With this huge number, it can be concluded that this casino is, indeed, a good step for the government of Singapore, especially its financial and tourism section. The addition of casinos does create more jobs, boost businesses, and increase visitor ratio.

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