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Rock Yard Outdoor Concert is gearing up for an outdoor Concert at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino!

Fantasy Springs Resort Casino

There are a lot of people gearing up and getting excited for the Rock Yard outdoor concert which will be taking place at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino. This outdoor concert will be happening throughout spring and summer, it's expected to draw in a very large crowd and be a huge hit. The event will start on April 24th and it will happen again just two weeks later which will be May 8th. There is some very exciting news for a lot of rock and roll lovers. The band Starship will take the stage and amaze the listeners with their sounds. Starship will feature Mickey Thomas and the band will begin at 9:00 p.m. This will make a lot of 80's fans more than excited as they get to enjoy a blast from the past.

Get in on the Action

Anyone who used to rock out to Starship on the 80's, who was then referred to as Jefferson Starship
will want to make sure that they consider checking out this event. It is expected to be a whole lot of fun and have a lot of entertainment to offer. Many people will remember Starship when they are reminded of the songs they sang during the 80's. One of their most popular songs was "We Built this City: another very popular song by Starship was "Sara". Anyone who was a big music listener during this era will want to make it a point to make it to this event.

This should be a very exciting event

The fact that this is going to be a free show is something that is unbelievable and makes it even that much more exciting. The event is expected to fill up very fast and anyone looking to get in on the action will want to make sure they show up early. The Fantasy Springs Resort Casino has an outdoor amphitheater styled area and it will be set up with two side by side stage areas. This is done so one band can enter at the same time the other band exits. This means more music for the crowd to enjoy with less wait. Anyone looking for a great time will want to check out this event.

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