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At first, 21 seems like a very simple game, with relatively easy rules to follow. This assumption is both true and false: it's an easy game to learn, but it does take a while to master.

While there's no big secret that, once learned, will see you win your games 100% of the time, following basic Blackjack strategy will help you reduce the house edge significantly. While you may have heard of approaches to the game that include card counting, doing this kind of thing at online casinos is a waste of time, since each round of the game is played with a newly shuffled deck.

With this in mind, we've decided to give you tips that will help you walk away with a little more than you started playing with!

Set up a Bankroll and Stick to It

No matter where you go, this will always be the No. 1 piece of advice you get, and it will apply to any and all casino games, not just online Blackjack. Set a fixed amount that you're ready to bet, and do this before you take your virtual seat at an online table.

Should you go through it all, walk away, it's as simple as that. Don't bet big on the next hand in order to try and recover your losses.

Know Your Game

One of the many benefits of playing at online casinos is that there is that there are just that many more variations for you to enjoy. Each will come with a slight variation in the rules, and some will additionally make optional Side Bets available. Read the rules for each before you start playing, and you will find yourself constantly amazed by just how many different ways there are to get to 21!

European Blackjack

This is a unique variant, and is considered to be the game from which the one we enjoy these days evolved to its current form.

Perfect Pairs

This is a variation of the standard game that lets you place an additional Side Bet which covers the chance that the first 2 cards dealt are a Pair.

Face Up 21

Both the dealer's first 2 cards are dealt facing up in this version of the game. It is also sometimes referred to as Double Exposure Blackjack.

Match Play 21

In this variation, you will automatically win if your card total is 21, and your Blackjack will beat the dealer's.

Practice Makes Perfect

At the end of the day, getting more out of your games comes down to simply playing as often as you can. As with anything else in life, the more you put in, the more you will get out, and, thanks to mobile platforms being provided at the sites you'll find recommended here, you can play from wherever you are quite easily, and totally safely these days.

And, don't forget that, although winning is always a great bonus, that's exactly what it is: an extra- even if you use strategy. If you make your first order of business having fun, and not boosting your bankroll necessarily, you can confidently expect to have a good time, every time!

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