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Online Slots Tournament Review

online slots tournaments

Here's a review of the website.
Online Slots Tournaments is one of the most useful resources I've seen on the Internet for the online slot machine player. Slots tournaments are fun and often profitable, and slot machine tournaments get little attention compared to poker tournaments. So it's refreshing to find an entire site devoted to online slot machine tournaments.

The homepage of the site features a list of open slot machine tournaments. This information is organized in a useful table which includes the following data:
  • The name of the slot machine tournament and the slot machine game in question.
  • When registration for that tournament ends.
  • How much money is in the prize pool for each tournament.
  • What it costs to enter the tournament. (Almost all of the slot machine tournaments listed on the site are free to enter.)
  • Whether or not players from the United States can participate.
  • The name of the casino where the slots tournament is being held.
  • A download button, so you can download the casino software if you don't already have an account there.
The website also includes a list of USA-friendly online casinos in the right sidebar. With the questionable and murky legal situation regarding online gambling in the United States, many Internet casinos have stopped accepting real money players from the United States. So instead of having to search the terms and conditions on a random list of casinos provided by Google or Bing, you can just go through the list of US-friendly casinos on this site to find a place to play.

Each of the individual casino pages on the site includes a brief review of the casino, but these pages also include lists of the slot machine games available at those casinos. This is where the content on really shines. These reviews of these slots games include screenshots and details of what to expect from each game, so you can find and play exactly the kind of slot machine game you're looking for.

Suppose you like traditional 3 reel slots, and you just opened an account at Rushmore Casino. On the Rushmore Casino page at, you'll find an alphabetical list of all the slots games offered at that casino. You can then click through to that game's page and get the scoop on the game-if it's not a 3 reel slot machine game, you can move on to the next one.

Another feature of the site is their "best casino offers" page, which provides a list of online casinos along with an analysis of each casino's welcome bonus. For example, at Rushmore Casino, you can receive $888 in bonus money when you make an $888 deposit. That's the kind of useful information a slot machine junkie should have at her fingertips.

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