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Online Casino setback for the State of California


The Morongo Band of Mission Indians in California have been quite outspoken when it comes to showing their support of the legalization of online casinos and online poker in the state of California. This led many to believe that they would back a proposal which would legalize gambling at online casinos in the state of California. However, many ended up being surprised and even shocked when the Morongo rejected such a proposal. This proposal may have led to the changes so many Californians have been waiting for which would let them legally enjoy gambling at an online casino.

The Tribal Alliance of Sovereign Indian Speaks Up

The TASIN drafted up a letter which was then signed by the Morongo which opposed the Senate Bill 1485. This was the bill which would begin the groundwork leading up to the legalization of online gambling in the state of California.
Many people had assumed that there would be no problems due to the fact that the Morongo have appeared to be so supportive when it came to the subject on legalizing online gambling in the state.

Patrick Dorinson, the spokesperson for the Morongo had said that they have always supported the cause due to the fact that it would bring revenue to the state and bring the game out of the shadows. However, he also said that they could not support the bill in its current form. TASIN is an association which is comprised of 11 federally recognized tribes. TASIN sent out letters to the California Legislation, Wright, and Gov. Schwarzenegger. There has been a hearing scheduled with regards to this legislation and it will take place on June 29th. There are a lot of people in the state of California who have been waiting for changes in the online gambling laws to take place. Also, online gamblers in other states are hoping to see it legalized in California because that may bring their state one step closer to legalizing it. This is one issue that a lot of people are going to be following.

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