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One Step Forward and Two Steps back


Online gambling has been getting a lot of attention lately. There are politicians who think this untapped resource should be taken advantage of and that the government should have a piece of the pie. However, there are still plenty of those who aren't willing to hear any of it and they stand by their thoughts against legalizing online gambling. It seems everything there is light at the end of the tunnel; it suddenly begins to get dimmer once again. This has been going on for some time now and there is just one more light burning out for the hopes of legalizing online gambling.

Recent happenings with regards to legalizing online gambling

Some Congress members have made an effort to show how the promise of nearly $72 billion dollars in revenue may help the states. They are trying to sway federal lawmakers into changing their views on online gambling. However, so far it hasn't seemed to have worked and there is still very little consensus on whether or not to legalize online gambling in the US. This is not good news for those who have been hoping to see more positive reactions which would hopefully soon lead to online gambling legalization. This just goes to show just how far we still are from seeing online gambling legal and regulated in the US. If this is any indicator, it could be a long time off, if ever at all.

What now?

For now it appears as if any changes are still far off. However, this can be looked at in a positive light. The fact that some members of congress are trying to get online gambling considered shows that there is some stir going on about it and this could lead to a slow acceptance of it. Each person who begins to look at online gambling differently is one person closer to the possible legalization of it. Online gambling is in the headlines a lot more lately and players are starting to be more vocal. All of this can help to push the politicians into taking notice and making changes.

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